Sports are an Opportunity to Shine

Some people say they can’t get enough sports. Sports are special. They are an opportunity for us to shine as individuals or as a team.

The 14th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren was quoted in Sports Illustrated as saying, “I always turn to the sports section first. The sports section records people’s accomplishments; the front page nothing but man’s failures.” Oh the glorious sports section. There really is nothing like it. Chief Justice Earl Warren knew the importance that every sports fan puts on the reading the sports page.

I can remember the mornings after football or basketball games when you would be tired, sore, and bruised however all the aches and pains went away when you saw your name in a front page article or in an action shot above the fold. It’s the reminder of the hard work that you can look at years later and rekindle that competitive fire that once consumed you. A win could send you into the sweet slumber that only comes after a hard fought victory, whereas a loss could haunt you throughout the night and give you that pit in your stomach kind of an ache that you will work as hard as possible to never feel again.

Competition gives you the opportunity to experience power, pain, lows and highs. I still reminisce about the embrace of a teammate after a victory and the joys of riding the bus home after a road win. You can’t recreate those feelings or those memories. I think that’s why I got into broadcasting and officiating. You can’t recreate those moments but you can sure as heck try and make those moments possible for the next crop of kids.

Some of my favorite moments have come from broadcasting basketball games. Whether it was broadcasting Belt’s second and third consecutive Class C State Championships or being able to say that the Box Elder Bears had brought a State Championship back to Box Elder, MT for the first time since 1990. Watching the Bears run off the court and into stands to embrace the people of their community. Tears were rolling, whoops and yells were bouncing off the walls of the Butte Civic Center. Those are the moments that I broadcast for. Moments of pride, empowerment, and achievement that will remain near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.

Without sports I wouldn’t have these memories. So thank the Lord for sports, the sports section, and the memories that are created through competition. And thanks for letting me still be a part of moments.

So over the next four weeks, as seasons are coming to a close and champions are crowned, don’t forget to start with the sports page and celebrate the accomplishments of our youth.


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