Thank You Lewistown

Finally getting to write this thank you after a whirlwind last three days and a nice long nap.

On Thursday I was in Butte, finished my classes and drove to Helena to watch the double-header between Montana Tech and Carroll College. I’m very happy I was there to watch the Lady Diggers get their first conference victory of the season. It makes it even sweeter that it was against the Lady Saints. After the games I drove from Helena to Great Falls and made it into town right around 11:30 PM.

Friday I jumped into the car and hit the road to Lewistown, Montana to broadcast the 8C District Tournament. What a memorable weekend of basketball action. I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to come take in the semifinal and championship nights in Lewistown.

It was a new home for the District 8C in Lewistown but it was sure a good home. The people, the gym, and everything else was well past my expectations. The Tournament Committee did a fantastic job setting everything up. They even went as far as to make a deal with a local dealership to give coaches courtesy cars for the duration of their stay so that they didn’t have to go everywhere in a bus. If they wanted to scout teams, they could scout teams. If they wanted to run get some snacks for their team they could go do that without taking the school bus. The hospitality room was fantastic and you can’t beat breaking up the monotony of spending 10 hours in a gym by eating some home-made goodies made by the fine people of Central Montana.

Winnett-Grass Range coach Vic Westphal was more than happy to be coaching just a little bit closer to home. “It sure is nice to sleep in my own bed” said Westphal. Not sure how much sleeping Vic was able to get after his team lost a tough semifinal to Roy-Winifred’s Lady Outlaws and had to battle back in loser-out action the next day. Or after he was up a majority of the night calving on his ranch. But either way it was a little easier for the squads located around Lewistown to play just a little bit closer to home.

The attendance the whole evening on Saturday. People knew they had to get home after the games but they stayed. It was a packed house, it was a fantastic environment, it was fun! Fans didn’t leave after their teams won or lost their games. They hung onto their seats like I hang onto my conviction that the 8C is the best district tournament in Montana.

So I want to say Thank You Lewistown. You made sitting on my butt for 10 hours on Friday and Saturday as pleasurable as it could be. I know the 8C Tournament is looking to return to Great Falls next weekend but the work that the Tournament Committee did in Lewistown made the 100 mile journey east well worth it.

Thank You.

And I hope to be seeing you again.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Lewistown

  1. Ann stahl February 24, 2015 / 3:22 pm

    Really hoping they keep district 8c tournaments in lewistown


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