State C Girls’ Basketball – Today is the Day

Well today is the day. The sun is shining. The heat in my hotel room finally works.

It’s time for State C Girls’ Basketball here in Missoula.

I always show up early to State. It’s a lot like Black Friday for radio people. Instead of a big screen TV what I want is the best seat in the house.

All is fair in broadcasting. I’m not sure if that is actually the rule, but I’ll live with it until someone tells me otherwise.

Thanks to showing up early, I’ve been sitting at half court for the last three State C Tournaments I’ve broadcasted for KMON. In Belgrade, two years ago, I had a fantastic seat to witness Belt win their second State Championship in the Jeff Graham Era.

In Hamilton, I had an even better spot to witness Belt 3-Peat with a commanding 63-18 win over Hinsdale.

In Butte, I had the benefit of watching the Box Elder Bears win their first State C Boys’ Basketball Tournament from half court. It was spectacular.

Today I’ll try and continue that trend inside Dahlberg Arena. I can’t wait to broadcast from the University of Montana.

Now let’s backtrack to my trip to Missoula. I drove up from Butte last night and the roads were great. I made it to my hotel, checked in, and settled into my room.


It wasn’t warm outside but it was warmer than my hotel room. I probably spent 30 minutes trying to get my heat to work. I was 15 seconds away from going back to the front desk to get a new hotel room that wasn’t a habitat for a polar bear when I hit the AC button on the wall.

Wouldn’t you know it? The AC button turned on the heat. Well thank goodness it did.

Around 11PM my room finally became inhabitable so I took off my winter coat tried to get my notes ready for the games tomorrow.

So when the feeling comes back in my extremities I’ll be ready to broadcast in Dahlberg Arena today, tomorrow and Saturday. It’s sure going to be a great a time this weekend and I hope you stay tuned for more of my articles.

If you have any ideas on stories you want me to cover feel free to comment on this story and if you are in Missoula please stop by and say hi.


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