“I’ve Been Everywhere Man” (in Just 3 Years)

As I hit the road from Butte, America toward Billings I couldn’t help but think about the upcoming State C Boys’ Basketball Tournament. With my car packed up to the brim with radio equipment, notebooks, and dress shirts I headed down the highway. I was on the road again.

Almost on cue, I turned up the radio and heard the Willie Nelson classic ballad, On the Road Again. I of course turned it up (sorry to all the people on the highway who saw me singing along at the top of my lungs on the way over). I really was getting into it, a little too into it.

As the melody of songs like Roger Miller’s King of the Road, and the Man in Black, Johnny Cash’s I’ve Been Everywhere came across my radio I got to thinking.

I got to thinking about all the miles I travel to broadcast basketball for Northcentral Montana and KMON.

I’ve been everywhere man. I’ve been everywhere.

I’ve been in Lewistown, Great Falls, Missoula, and now Billings (don’t try to sing that with the rhythm it doesn’t work). While going to school in Butte during the week.

It’s pretty amazing when I get to think about how lucky I am. First off, I get to watch and broadcast the best basketball events in Montana. When people want to argue about what classification is better I’m willing to go to blows with them to defend Class C.

Sure the basketball might not be the best, and yea there might only be six kids in the band, and yea their mascot has seen better days (like 40 years ago) but there is something special about Class C. It’s that fire, it’s the cracker-box gyms like Highwood and Roy, it’s the fact that you can’t walk into a Class C gymnasium and not know somebody who knows somebody that you know.

I’ve been broadcasting games for KMON for three years now. It’s hard to believe that in just three years of broadcasting I’ve broadcasted two District, three Divisional, and after tomorrow six State Basketball Tournaments. I’m beyond lucky.

It all started after a couple of weeks calling games for Montana Tech’s basketball programs. I had a ton of fun doing that. It almost consumed me like when you hit middle march and can’t wait to hit the golf course. It was broadcasting mania.

Then I went out to Geraldine, Montana and saw my good friend Jim Sargent. Sarge and I got to talking and he said, “I hear you have been doing some games for Montana Tech. Do you want to come up and call some games for us at Districts?”

My jaw dropped. The radio, what I would listen to passionately in late February early March when I was supposed to be doing homework in study hall?

“Heck Yes!” I replied before he could finish asking the question.

I drove up to Great Falls during the middle of February and hopped on the air. At the end of the weekend, Sarge asked if I wanted to come back up for Divisonals.

So of course I came back up for Divisionals. After calling games and falling in love with broadcasting Class C basketball on the radio. Sarge asked if I wanted to go to Belgrade to cover the State C Girls’ Tournament.

So I went to Belgrade.

And within three weeks of broadcasting my first game on the radio for KMON I got to broadcast the State Championship game between Belt and Winnett-Grass Range.

And just like that, roughly three years to the date I’m going to be walking into the Metra to broadcast the State C Boys’ Basketball Tournament.

Its crazy how time flies when you are having fun, and that is what I’m having, fun.

So tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 PM I’ll be having the time of my life for the fourth time this year broadcasting some Class C basketball.

I hope you continue to tune in because I’ve been everywhere man. I’ve been everywhere.


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