The Four Seasons Arena Needs an Act of God

There are a lot of great venues for sporting events in Montana. Whether it’s an autumn Friday night in Highwood or a Championship Saturday night in Billings at the Metra, Montana has great sports venues.

Then there’s the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, the site of the Northern C Divisional and the two Class C State Tournaments.

Underwhelming isn’t it.

Geographically Great Falls sits in a prime position for postseason event hosting opportunities. It’s in the middle of the state for gosh sake.

But for what Great Falls has going for it geographically it lacks in facilities. The Four Seasons Arena is suited for trade shows and craft fairs, not basketball. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people put in a great deal of work to make the tournaments in Great Falls successful but this success is just a glimpse of what it could be if Great Falls had an event center.

I’m not proposing that Great Falls build a 12,000 seat event center like the Metra, but I am proposing we do something. Or at least think about it.

The Four Seasons Arena may boast that it seats 5,500 fans for basketball tournaments but how many of those fans can’t see the court. I’m talking about the four foot-by-four foot concrete columns that block out a great deal of the playing floor.

Great Falls has had some buzz to build an event center here in the past. In the past few years different groups have proposed a new event center in the Electric City. With the hopes of drawing more tournaments to the town and making Great Falls more competitive to tourists.

Look at the buzz that was created when it was announced that the Metra would hosting Def Leppard. Quite a few people would give their left arm to see Def Leppard in person. If you didn’t get that joke stop reading now.

Getting back on track, people come to Billings to see these shows; they stay in hotels, and eat out at restaurants. In other words they spend money, money that greatly impacts the economy of Billings.

I guess Great Falls just needs an act of God to help put things into motion. Being stuck in analysis paralysis has doomed a number of projects in Great Falls and an events center isn’t at the top of the priority list right now.

That’s where the Big Man Upstairs comes in.

The Metra was able to remodel after a tornado took the roof off the place in 2010. So why can’t we just have that happen in the Electric City.

Now to address the specifics so people don’t think I’m just nuts, I’ve thought it all out. Late at night after a trailer show has finished setting up in the Four Seasons Arena a tornado could just touch down right on top of the arena.

Why trailers you might ask? Well it is a little known fact that twisters are attracted to trailers. They might as well be bullseyes for the extreme weather phenomena.

If this all just happened and I were to wake up and read in the newspaper that the Four Seasons was out of commission I don’t think I’d be too upset.

In fact, I’d be thrilled and I might just start going to church a little more often.

Be sure to follow me,Sean Ryan, on Twitter and say hi this weekend at the Class C Tournament.  



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